November 10, 2021
YouTube Vanced APK - YouTube Vanced 16.20.35 Apk


YouTube Vanced 16.20.35 ApkYouTube Vanced APK

YouTube Vanced is a Youtube client that lets you use this popular video platform for streaming along with some additional features.

The most interesting part about YouTube Vanced is that it lets you listen to your videos in the background, even when you turn off your smartphone’s screen. That way, you can easily listen to music and even use Youtube to listen to podcasts at any moment.

Another cool feature of YouTube Vanced is that it lets you block all the ads in the videos. Of course, you can activate and deactivate that option at any moment but it’s activated by default.

YouTube Vanced is an alternative Youtube client that lets you listen to videos in the background, block ads, force resolutions, use the ‘repeat the video’ option and much more. All of that from an interface that’s identical to that of the original client.

What’s New:
• Bumped base (also fixes Bluetooth media controls and swipe to seek is now the default way as tap to seek is removed)
• Fixed brightness in swipe controls
• Bring back old video quality menu (Set to ON by default but toggleable from vanced settings > video settings)
• Permanently unlocked “made for kids” playback in mini-player
• Fixed preferred video quality in portrait/vertical videos.
• Fixed broken buffer settings

• casting to Chromecast still broken on nonroot due to microG, it will need to be patched upstream first. Switch to root version or use stock youtube for now (vanced does not block casting ads anyway)
• Swipe down to refresh (it’s a litho bug)

App Info:
App name :YouTube Vanced
Package Name :
Version Name & Code:16.20.35(1521081792)

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