May 19, 2022

No matter where you look, the have-it-now culture is affecting our lives. “I can’t wait for anything” has become the new norm. But it’s not just quick entertainment and instant information that we’re after: we want our snacks NOW. And since babies are little humans too, they get to participate in these new trends as well! You can find some great snacks for babies on


It may sound silly to make such a big deal out of a snack, but there are some important things to know when snacking with your baby. There are so many ways to give your little one the right types of snacks that they’ll be able to develop healthy eating habits and taste preferences.

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Here are some tips on how to set up a snack time with your baby that will help make it more enjoyable for everyone:


  1. Know Your Baby’s Likes.


Does your baby take a spoon? Sometimes, babies don’t like anything that is put in their mouths simply because they haven’t developed the ability to chew and swallow yet which can diminish their pleasure of eating tasty treats.


But don’t worry, it’s important to know what your little one likes, so that you can adjust your next snack recipe accordingly.


  1. Start Slow.


There is no need to rush things! Start with a few minutes of tummy time and let your baby play with their new food! You may have to start out slow as they get used to sitting in front of their food instead of grabbing it, but this is all part of developing the right habits.

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  1. Make it Fun!


Babies love things that make noise or have interesting textures so be careful that you don’t put too much in their mouth at once. You can try putting a washcloth on the high chair tray and sprinkling some rice or oatmeal on top. They will be interested in the new texture and fun to play with.


  1. Focus on Healthy Food.


You know what’s in your food so make sure that you choose the healthier items for the baby to snack on. Fresh fruits, veggies, and meats without additives are always best! The taste is more natural and better for the baby.

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  1. Babies Love to Experiment.


Don’t be afraid of letting your baby try anything and everything! Try a variety of different foods and let your baby decide which ones they like the most. Although you may prefer certain food combinations, it is important to make it an enjoyable experience for your baby so that they don’t become picky eaters later in life. They’ll love you for trying new things and your kids will be great role models!


  1. Let Baby Help Pack.


Giving your baby a place and an opportunity to help pack their own snack makes them feel more involved in the process and helps them learn to be responsible for what they choose to eat. This helps you both develop good eating habits, so you’ll have fewer issues with food allergies or picky eating when they get older!

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  1. Babies Love Variety!


If your little one only likes one type of food, it may be difficult to find many interesting snacks on a daily basis as you may only have that one product to offer. Try mixing up the flavors and experimenting with different combinations of textures, colors and seasonings in order to give yourself more options!



As you can see, it’s not that difficult to make snacks fun for your little one. Keeping snack times enjoyable will help create good habits in all areas of their life, including their eating habits!


The main purpose of a snack is to give your baby edible fuel so that they can get the energy they need. Give the best type of food possible and you’ll find your little one’s tummy full and happy in no time at all.

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